Sub-$200 Video Card Roundup
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Thread: Sub-$200 Video Card Roundup

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    Sub-$200 Video Card Roundup

    For those interested,

    Sub-$200 Video Card Roundup at the following, LINK.

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    Thanks Shinma, this should be handy for building those slightly more budget systems

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    Thanks. Boy, the Ti4200 really kicks some ***.

    Shame they didn't include anisotripically filtered results (the 8500 would quite possibly win out). Good stuff from Anandtech as usual. I particularly like the CPU scaling graphs. We're really beginning to see the benefits of T&L now, I'm sure.

    I've seen forums where they've argued the ATi vs nVidia thing to death! It's insane, since the 8500 was designed to compete with the GF3 not the GF4, and surely all this competetion is only going to benefit the consumers in the long-run. Amazing how worked up people get just because their favoured-brand is suddenly on the back foot. Stupid.

    Sorry, just a little rant...


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    That 4200 is really nice looking. If I was going to buy a video card today, that'd be the one.

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