ATi Radeon 8500 question...
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Thread: ATi Radeon 8500 question...

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    ATi Radeon 8500 question...

    its said that it can support dual monitors, but im curious. does it come with an adapter that plugs into the "white thing" on the right side of the card? cause i looked at it and i know that a regular monitor 15 pin cable will not fit in there.

    please say it comes with an adapter before i buy it...


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    a retail 8500 comes with the dvi to vga adapter needed to run 2 crt monitors...other wise some places sell the adapter seperatly

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    That's an accurate reply.

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    i dont think that OEM models come with the adapter, if you are going that route

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    My LE came with the adapter and a couple of leads. Not sure that "white-boxed" cards will though.

    As dfgsd said, all the Retail cards have the adapter.


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