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    Radeon 8500

    I'm helping a friend decide on a 64 MB DDR Radeon 8500 Video card, but which is the best one to get?

    I mean with ATI, Gigabyte, Hercules.

    What's the difference between 8500LE and the regular 8500?

    The LE versions have a lower clock speed and memory speed right?

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    Normal Speeds: 275/275
    LE: 250/250
    LELE: 230/230

    Those might vary a little bit though depending on who makes it. Always get a guarantee on the speeds before you buy.

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    The Gigabyte LE's are excellent. Nice red PC, decent heatsinks etc. That'd be my pick.

    If not, scour around for the best deal on an ATI Retail 8500 you can find.


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    yea i think i am gonna get the gigabyte le. seems to overclock high enough(i saw 295/295 on a review) and it comes with alot more cooling than a stock 8500

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