Resolution probs in Windows98
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Thread: Resolution probs in Windows98

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    Resolution probs in Windows98

    Well, my LCD screen is rated at 1024x768 max res. In linux though, I have got it to successfully run at 1152x864 without any problems. When in Windows, I have the option to up the res from 1024x768, but when I do, it just makes the desktop not fit on the screen, so I have to scroll around to see the whole thing. Is there any way to force it to try running at 1152x864 without "zooming"? Thanks all.

    I'm using a radeon 8500 BTW And an AGneovo f-15.

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    I've run into the same thing with laptops before... from what I know, it cannot be forced to fit into the screen. If you do find a solution, please be kind enough to let me know.

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