I have been looking at new video cards to use with my ECS K7S5A motherboard. I am currently using my old Matrox G400. I do not want to get a GeForce card (long story) and have been looking at two possibilities that are in my price range:

1. ECS AG315T 64mb with TV out
2. ATI OEM Radeon 7000 64mb SDR with TV out

The ECS card has the SiS 315 chipset, and the ATI Radeon card is listed as "Powered by ATI".

Speed is important, but stability is the most important factor to me. TV out is not essential, but did come with both of the above cards. Also, I would like to avoid buggy drivers, and prefer drivers that are relatively easy to install/uninstall. That's the one thing I've always liked about Matrox...the ease of which one can install or remove their drivers.

Of the above two cards, which do you think would be the better and more stable choice? Is there another good choice that you'd recommend?

My system specs:

ECS K7S5A motherboard
AMD Thunderbird 1.1 ghz
256mb SDRAM (Micron)
350w Enermax PS
Matrox G400 16mb
2-40gb Seagate HDs
D-link NIC
Surfboard SB3100 cable modem
ELSA USB modem
Epson 880 printer
Acer scanner
19" Monitor

Thanks in advance for your help.