Xtasy Geforce 4ti 4600 problems
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Thread: Xtasy Geforce 4ti 4600 problems

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    Xtasy Geforce 4ti 4600 problems

    Dell Dimension 8100 P4 1.3GHz (yeah yeah...I know)
    384 MB RAM
    Chipset - Intel 850

    I'm having problems getting my new video card running as I 'think' it should.
    SiSoft Sandra reports:

    "AGP Bus is unused or AGP card is not fully AGP compatible (???)"
    "Current AGP data rate not optimal."

    I have just this minute downloaded Sandra because I suspected that this was the problem. However, since I am a fool I may well have CAUSED this by using the many Nvidia tweaking utilities.

    I have the latest nvidia reference drivers (27.70) and BIOS and chipset drivers are up to date.

    I just don't think I am getting AGP 4x or even 2x.

    As you may have guessed I am a bit of a video card newbie and don't really know how to discover what my card is doing or how to fix the problem (or even if there is one).

    I'm getting a 'fairly' good performance (around 5000 3d marks in 3dMark2001 SE), and my games are all running quite well. But several of Nvidia's Geforce 4ti demos run really badly (or not at all). I am convinced I should be getting better scores in 3dmark.

    I've read about EXACTLY THE SAME problems (ie. all the same errors during demos and weird 3dmark quirks) on message boards from people running systems that are comparable to mine but who are using different motherboards/chipsets/processors. Solutions have been posted and HAVE WORKED for them. However, because I am so clueless I do not know how to get the information I need. (I cannot register on the forum in question because of a mailing problem on their server).

    Here is a link to the forum thread in question:

    I guess what I really want to know is how to find out whether everything is running optimally and how to check/enable AGP 4x on my system.

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    While booting go into the bios and go into chipset features
    Check whether agp 4x is enabled or not and other operations like fast writes,sideband addressing etc.Enable them all
    Also you will find a Initial display option
    set it to agp
    Try this and report what happens

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    Sounds liek the drivers are not fully installed. Got the controll panel/system/devise manager and setting the display addaptor to default VGA (or something like that). Uninstall everything from nVidia and even delete everything that says Geforce or nVidia from the system registry. Reboot and install the latest nVidia drivers. This should help things out a bit. You scores look low I think (even for a P4 1.3) since I score 4700 with my crappy GeForce2 GTS.

    You might also want to install DirectX 8.1a. I'm still waiting for the DX9 to be released to the beta testers. I am one of their beta testers and I'm itching to play with it. Hopefully it comes out about the time I get my new graphics card.

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