Hi there,

I'm in the market for a new graphics card but it must have certain functions. I have an ATI radeon all in wonder 32mb agp which is poo and I'm absolutely sick of corrupted graphics and functions of the card not working as they are described.

first and foremost it must have dual head display due to the fact I feel this is the way to go with cubase, so I have been looking at matrox g550 and 450 but from what I gather these cards are not very good at 3d games which I am quite partial with so preferebly I would like to go with a geforce3 or 4 but haven't come across any with dual head, I know ati do a radeon 8500 with dual head but with every ati card I have known on any system they don't work properly and all the functions that are advertised on the 8500 don't work properly.

I know I could use two cards, one agp and one pci but I have filled all my slots with other peripherals.

plus I need to be able to work @ 1600*1200 on main monitor and at least 1280*1024 on the 2cnd preferably the 2cnd monitor will be a flat panel,
but I would like to have the possibility of either flat panels or crt on both outputs so my choices of monitors are increased ( the matrox does this)

what are the properties of the matrox cards playing quake @ 1280*1024 32bit colour?

anyway looking forward to reading the replies