Cool, not $14000 cool, but cool
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Thread: Cool, not $14000 cool, but cool

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    Cool, not $14000 cool, but cool

    This is one hell of a cool display:

    Who want's to chip in to the fund?

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    You know, I've seen some damn long descriptions of where people live, and I was just wondering how freakin' long of a location they actually allow you to write in here. Looks like it's quite a bit. Oh well, if the space is here I'll use it!!! :)
    Looks like one of the implementation of a spinning helix screen upon which the image is projected... it allows volumetric display, but you can see the spinning screen.

    True holographic displays are IMO the only acceptable form (with current technology anyway) of volumetric display. Some of the newer holographs (even 2D pictures) are simply breathtaking... some of the better ones are downright spooky.

    Anyway, it is a pretty cool display, and certainly worth some money... just not $14000 worth.

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    Guess you could toy with your friends, pretending it's a crystal ball.

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    Where'd you get that number? THat's steal!


    Volumetric 3-D Display (hardware): US$45,000

    Actuality Visualization Operating System (software): US$3,000

    Software Development Kit: please contact for details

    Installation: US$2,500

    Hardware Support Programs: Basic (US$3,000/yr) and Premium ($7,500/yr)

    Software Support Programs: Basic (US$3,000/yr) and Premium ($7,500/yr)

    Software Maintenance: 30%/yr of software

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    That is gorgeous! I might not have the cash myself but I think Baloneyflaps is right that $14,000 would be a good deal for it.

    My only problem with it over conventional 3D displays (if there is such a thing) is that it is not an immersive 3D system. It places you outside the 3D world, like a God view, rather than inside it like an FPS game might.

    Any company looking that for that cutting-edge cool factor should definitely get one, for the lobby if not the actual research labs! Any customers walking in would think they'd just stepped ahead 100 years onto the Enterprise bridge or something.
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    i wonder when they will come out with a Winamp Plugin for it??

    i want one on my coffie table displaying cool graphics when i throw parties...

    kind of an expensive toy though!

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