Capturing from VHS to computer (mpg)
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Thread: Capturing from VHS to computer (mpg)

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    Capturing from VHS to computer (mpg)

    I'm a total and complete newbie to this process. I currently have a Voodoo3 3000 AGP card with TV-OUT. Do I still need a separate Capture Card to do this? Which do you recommend for a poor guy like myself? I assume it will come with software and cables necessary? Firewire cards are just adapters and I would still need a capture card right?

    I plan to capture to mpg format as I am at least familiar with creating VCDs from mpgs. It's just the VHS (vcr) --> computer part I need info on. Would I simply plus in the cable from the VCR's line-out to the capture card's line-in and startup the software?

    How long would it take for the whole process of a 45-minute VHS to MPG? Disk space?

    Is DIVX better?

    Thanks guys!

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    I used an old Dazzle video creator. They now have better and faster products depending on what you are trying to do. You hook it up like you said in your post and that's pretty much it. Mine was an old parallel port version but there are now usb and firewire version available.

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    I can't tell you all the options and steps of how to do it, but has everything you will need to know.

    If I were you, sell that outdated Voodoo 3, and buy an ATI All-in-Wonder 8500DV.. This thing is comparative geforce 3 3D performance, has video in and video out, remote control, maybe some firewire connections, digital audio connections, DVD decoding, all the cool video toys you could want. And there is a lot of support for it.

    Look up that vcd site, and maybe the ATI site for that card and you'll see what I mean.

    Good luck.

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    Thanks for the ATI card recommendation. I am planning to get rid of the V3 3000 when the GeForce4 comes out... so I can get a GeForce3 for cheaper. I'll look into the ATI as well.

    For now... I've found

    I see at the very bottom that the requirement for capture from VCR is "VCR with DV (Firewire EiLink/IEEE1394) port required." I don't believe any VCRs have this port on the back of them (I have an old Panasonic)... do they mean I will need a Firewire card installed separately on my machine to use this capture card? I'm new to this Firewire stuff... so I assume it's just an interface for the connector, like buying a PCI USB adapter.

    I've been frequenting VCDHelp (and forums there) but they don't talk about capturing from VCR much... mostly just DV camcorders.

    ------------------ (high bandwidth preferable)

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    Originally posted by Stuff:
    If I were you, sell that outdated Voodoo 3, and buy an ATI All-in-Wonder 8500DV..
    Ummm... He said he was poor. An inexpensive card with tv in and out is the msi 8836 Geforce 2 Ti. That would give you quite a performance increase over your V3.

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