Help: ATI AIW128 AGP problem
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Thread: Help: ATI AIW128 AGP problem

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    Help: ATI AIW128 AGP problem

    It's all my fault. The system WAS running fine. But I decided to update the video drivers for my card. Since that dreaded day, I cannot boot successfully in anything other than 640x480 (16 color). If I try any higher resolution, it fails to reach startup. I get the very beginning of the desktop, and... nothing. The error message I usually get is an invalid page fault in vxd Stream (05). I have no file by that name. If I leave it in the lowest setting, the system runs without problem. I have uninstalled the drivers several times, and tried reinstalling the drivers that came with it (That worked before), as well as the two most recent driver updates from ATI. but I MUST be missing something. I have uninstalled Direct X and reinstalled several times, again no joy. I am almost to the point of reformatting , are there any suggestions that I may have missed? Any idea what stream.vxd is? If anything? What did I miss? System specs: ASUS P3V4X, PIII 1000Mhz, 1GB RAM, ATI AIW 128 AGP 16MB, WD 60GB, WD 30GB, Maxtor 6GB, WD 2GB, Aopen DVD, Mitsumi CD-r, Zip 250, SB Live, I/O Magic IDE33, D Link 10/100 LAN, Zoom 56K, M - O - U - S - E!!
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Sorry I canīt help you much :C
    Maybe you can help me ?

    And also get into

    and the forum.

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