help identifying video card? please?
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Thread: help identifying video card? please?

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    help identifying video card? please?

    I have a Ati Mach 64 card, says the Windows Device Manager. It is not detected that I can see on post (by the way if anyone can tell me why that is..), the number on the card is "1093B200-00" and a sticker on it says PCI Mach64GT. Yet the ATI site says their cards only start with 100 or 102. I want to confirm this is my card BEFORE I download drivers. Can anyone help identify this? When I e-mail ATI support asking for help identifying it, it sends me back an email saying that I need to identify my card so that they can assist me. Nice, eh? I won't go buy one now! Anyway, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    I usually try a seach on price watch first. Got one. A 2MB PCI card called the ATI Mach64 GT.

    These are the specs:

    ATi MACH64 GT Video Card (3D Expression)
    64-bit 3D graphics accelerator
    2MB of Memory
    Interface : PCI
    ATi 3D Rage II+ DVD chipset
    Mip maps
    Gouraud shading
    Lit and video textures
    Alpha blending and fog effects
    Six levels of texture mapping
    Perspectively correct texture mapping
    Standard 15-pin VGA connector
    Card Only

    Sounds like a 3D Rage II+ and here is a link to ATI's website for the drivers. They have stuff for just about every OS.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

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    For any future queries as to what a miscellaneous piece of hardware is, find the FCC # on the card (every piece of hardware has one and goto Enter th FCC ID# number on that site and it will tell you the manufacturer and make of the item.

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