I am not sure if the cause and effect are linked or not but.....

I have just had my graphics card out, wipped off the ramsinks and GPU HSF and put on some custom Cu ones....computer works o.k. (boots into windows)


My display is now fixed at 60Hz?!?!?!
and, under the properties/adapter tab i do not have the option to change the refresh rate anymore.
changing vid drivers makes no difference.
I have noticed that my computer now reports a default monitor instead of a plug and play one (for the first time ever), when i set it to plug and play i get the refresh changing option again, but only for 'default adapter' or 'optimal'. I used to get these AND 60,65,70,72,75Hz options. But still on either, when i check the refresh rate through the monitor it is still 60hz.
I have also tried a windows reinstall, no affect.
have I knackered my vid card?

PIII933 1.7v
GA6BXC mobo (Asus Slotket)
256Mb PC133 CAS2 (Crucial)
Prophet2GTS (235/395)
Cr*ppy ata33 8gig HD
SoundBlaster Live
W98SE / Directx8.1
3DMARK2000 7910
3DMARK2001 3754