okay since i installed winxp.. i have been testing ati driver to find which ones are the best.. after a while i find one that gives me a score of 2900 compared to my 2400 in windows 2000.. so i think everythings great.. play a game.. **** frames (half-life, mohaa) and i keep disabling wait for v-sync then i go into the game and cant get over 60fps,, then i go back to windows and its enabled again!! and not only that but i cant play fps's now cause my mouse is screwed.. it feels like theres smooth mouse on and heavy mouse accel!! but theres not its the same with the defult drivers and the logitech drivers.. and when i move the mouse fast it just stops or goes random dirrections!!!!!

i think im going to throw this computer out my window!!

Duron 900 @ 1060 1.7v (8x133)
Abit Kt7a
192 mb ram
ATI Radeon 32mb ddr
win2k sp2