eMachine gayness
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Thread: eMachine gayness

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    eMachine gayness

    hi all,
    alright, i'm trying to install a pci geforce2 into an eMachine for my buddy and we can't get the card to work as the primary display. the system is an eMonster 1000b which uses an Intel 810E chipset. We tried switching the primary adapter setting in bios to pci but then we dont get any video on reboot and the system beeps at us until we pull out the new video card. i dont think it's a fried card because windowsME sees it and gives the secondary display message. We can't disable the Intel video because for some reason that option isnt even present in the properties for the onboard adapter. If anyone has any good ideas I'd appreciate hearing them.

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    I know some of their older systems had a jumper on the board to disable the onboard video. I think I heard of someone else that had a similar problem and they left the intigrated video on and it seemed to work fine. They might have set the integraded vide to "disable in all hardware" in the contoll panal/system/ device manager. Make sure you then dump in the latest drivers from nVidia and DirectX 8.1.

    All else fails and you can goto were you baught the system and ask them. Likely they have had the pleasure of working through the same problem (and likely contacted E-Machines to fix it, which if I remember correctly, they charge for support calls that are not related to hardware failure). Best Buy sells lots of them and does instore installations.

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