Sony 19" V990 Trinitron(Dell)
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Thread: Sony 19" V990 Trinitron(Dell)

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    Sony 19" V990 Trinitron(Dell)

    I would like to replace my current computer (2.5 year old dell PIII) with an Amd system. I hope to get a near top of the line amd system. I would like to keep my Sony 19" monitor (dell).
    I've heard stories of people blowing wads of cash on Cpu's, motherboards and Graphics cards only to have a crappy Monitor.

    Is my Dell 19" Trinitron up to the task of handling todays computers? (The only specs i can tell you is that its current refresh rate is at 81.4 khz/ 100.0 khz.) Or should I upgrade my monitor as well?

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    If you're happy with your monitor, then there's no reason you should replace it.

    The Dell Trinitron monitors are quite nice and will work perfectly with any new computer you get.


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