geforce 3 bios
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Thread: geforce 3 bios

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    geforce 3 bios

    i know nothing about bios of a video card,but i want to see if there is a update.
    i have visiontek(72404),i went on the site and cant find anything about bios.
    can someone give me some info. thanx

    MSI k7t266 pro2
    AMD xp 1900+@1.6ghz
    geforce 3
    creative audigy platinum
    asus P5AD2 Premium - p4 3.4GHZ - 2x512 dual DDR2 PC2-5300 - 2x Western Digital 200GB SATA raid 0 - geforce 6600GT - windows xp pro

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    Related post at this link

    Flashing graphic BIOS is not recommended unless your display has problem detecting the monitor or etc..

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