All right, here's the looong lowdown. I installed a 3dfx Voodoo 3 3000 on my etower 400i. It was working fine after I disabled the onboard video card. But then I had to move the computer across the room. That was a mistake because now I just get a blank screen as the computer enters Windows 98.
The only thing I can think of that I did wrong was I plugged the monitor into the onboard video after I moved it. There was no video so I turned off the computer and plugged into the Voodoo 3 card. It hasn't worked since.
I tried the card in another computer and it was fine. I tried an old S3ViRGE in my etower and it worked fine. That means neither the card nor the computer is defective. So this must mean that the settings are wrong. Only this doesn't make sense since I haven't touched any settings.
The Voodoo 3 manual tells me that certain CMOS features cannot be enabled for the card to work. I cannot change these features in my BIOS because they're not even listed. I have tried downloading some BIOS editors but they were not compatible. I can't understand why the BIOS would be the problem because the Voodoo worked before I moved it across the room.
I really don't want to mess with my BIOS but I also really don't want to take this to the shop and pay 40 bucks for a stupid problem like this. Is there anyone out there who knows what's going on here?