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Thread: Webcam Suggestion

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    Webcam Suggestion

    I've seen more than just a couple USB webcams stopped working for no apparent reason, which makes me worry a little when I come to choice a webcam for myself.

    Does anyone have good experience or suggestion on which brand/model to buy? I want a webcam just for video conference/capture. I know there are new ones (duel mode?) which can be used as a digital cameras. Are those worth the money?

    My budget is under $50.


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    Generally logitech makes good series of webcams. I got one recently and it looks good, so far.

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    don't get a USB WebCam just yet. You should wait for USB2, with 50X the bandwidth, the Cams that support USB2 will crush anything out there.... from a stagerring 15-20 fps, to full screen 60fps +

    So, I would just sit back and wait.

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    No, don't wait. Webcam's are designed to be used in limited bandwidth applications e.g. web-conferencing. USB 2.0 will rock, undoubtedly, but high-bandwidth static cameras will never come out. There is no market for them that other digital video solutions (e.g. Digital Handicams) cannot service. We may see some digital camcorders migrating to USB 2.0 from Firewire and digital stills cameras adopting USB 2.0 for faster uploads, but expect current webcams to remain more or less the same. The components required to build a camera capable off outputting 60fps, full-screen will bring an accompanying price of *Kerrrchinggggg!!!... my credit card is maxed out, let's' move to Nepal and live life as a goat*.


    More # please...

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    I bought my Logitech webcam(without mic) for $49 and it clear and smooth. I use a seperate mic with it and am very pleased with it.

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