Okay, as you can see from my sig, I'm running an older Abit mobo currently, but that will change later....

I'm looking to upgrade from my Prophet2 MX video card to a newer/faster/better card and thought I would post here to ask the experts! I will also be looking into a new 19" monitor as well so I'm looking for opinions on a new video card/monitor upgrade. Common uses for my machine are:

Light Gaming - 30%
Medium Graphics work - 50%
Other mundane uses - 20%

Give me some ideas, but keep the price reasonable. I don't want or need a GeForce3 Ti500 and a LaCie monitor. I've been looking at the GeForce3 Ti200 and a ViewSonic 19" PerfectFlat. But the Radeon looks good to.

Ideas please! Thanks!

TBird 1.2 @ 1.3
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Antec SX1030B
ALPHA PAL6035 w/Delta
Abit KT7-R
(2)Diamondmax+ 7200rpm 30GB
RAID Level0
Prophet 2 MX 200/200
HP9110i + Creative 52x