Ok, here's the deal. I have my computer which I also use to play movies and DVD's on my 27" television which works fine. I have an ATI Radeon 64MB DDR card and have hot keys set up that switch my computer between displaying off just my monitor and off of both. My problem is that i normally display in 1280 X 768 but if I display in this resolution while using a dual display, my monitor and television view come out with the top and bottom portions of the screen do not display and the rest of the screen does not display the full image, rather you have to mvoe the mouse to the borders of the screen to get the rest to swing into views. I need to switch it to 800 X 600 to correct this problem. Is there a way I could set up a hotkey so I don't have to muck around with it every time I switch back and forth as it's a pain? And does anyone know why my computer would display in such a manner? Thanks!