I have my video card connected to my VCR with a S-video to composite video (RCA) cable. I was watching a DVD on the TV and the color started fading out so I suspected it was that "macro splashing" thing because its connected to a VCR so I open TVTool to try to fix that and now I can only get black and white output on the TV. I was getting color before.

I uninstalled TVTool, and my video card, reinstalled drivers, restarted, tried everything I know of and it will not give me color anymore.

Any ideas?

Icebox 3000
AOpen HQ45 w/300watts
Soltek 75KAV-X w/snd
AMD T-bird 1GHz(133x7.5)
128MB PC100 @ 133
GF2 mx400 64MB AGP TVOUT
Delta 12x/40x DVD
56x CDROM (for sale)