Are higher resolutions bad for the eyes?
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Thread: Are higher resolutions bad for the eyes?

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    Are higher resolutions bad for the eyes?

    Although they may look better is it true that the higher your resolution the worse they are for your eyes?

    For example, is playing a game at say 640*480 better on your eyes than say playing at 1280*1024, both at say 75Hz?

    Especially considering any text within the game usually shrinks playing at higher resolution

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    It all depends on the size of your monitor:
    15" - 640x480=blocky, 800x600=good, 1024x720 max. Anything above is too tiny to see.
    17" and 800x600 becomes blocky.

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    Refresh rate is the big thing. The smaller resolution is only a big deal if you are constantly looking closer at the screan at smaller details, like looking at or for a target a long ways away.

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    I think 1024x768 is fine on any monitor, there shouldnt be any reason you need to go higher than that even for gaming in my opinion. Plus that resolution doesnt hurt your eyes. I've had my monitor on 1280x1024 for about a week before and my eyes were constantly hurting (and im young, im only 15). However, everyone has there own preferences towards the resolution they like.

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    1024x768 is the sweet spot, it looks good. I have a 17" monitor and i have used 1024x768 resolution for ages now and my eyes never hurt.

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    By the way, the lower the Hz the more eye strain you will get. I personally have mine set to 85Hz @ 1024x768.

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    Resolution is more or less, a matter of choice.
    Refresh rate, higher the better. Just don't exceed the capabilities of the video card or the monitor.

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    I tend to have my Res at 1600x1200@32 with no problems or irritations to my eyes.

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    Yea... 1024 * 768 is the best for me
    I dont know... I just dont.

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    In my opinion, it is only bad if the resulting image forces you to squint your eyes or strain too hard to see it. The bottom line is: if you can see the image comfortably than it is not bad for you.

    Note: I am not an opthomologist so I do not know this for certain.

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