I am setting up a PC with a SiS 6326 video card (AGP, 8MB) and am having a lot of problems! I got a Windows Protection error after installing the correct drivers, so I disabled it in safe mode, re-booted and it had about 5 conflicts! All the conflicts were with parts of the motherboard (e.g. AGP Bus etc). I definately have the right drivers.
I have an identical machine set up for Windows 98 and there are no conflicts at all. I really want Win95 on these machines though as they have been very unstable with Win98.
I also tried setting the resources manually, it said there were no conflicts, rebooted and again Windows protection error, disabled it in safe mode again, rebooted and it said there were conflicts this time affecting one of the drivers for the motherboard.
Anyone got any ideas? Has anyone there managed to get a SiS 6326 to work on a Via motherboard?