New case - easy to transfer hardware or not?!
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Thread: New case - easy to transfer hardware or not?!

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    New case - easy to transfer hardware or not?!

    Hi! How easy is it for a novice like me, to buy a new case and transfer everything from an old case, into a new one?! It's the same size case and all, it's just newer!

    Any advice?! I'm not going to buy a new case if it's gunna be impossible for a novice like me - I might as well keep my old case. Easy or not?! What do I need to do?!

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    I'd say it's a good place to start. As you said, you are a newbie and that means you want to learn.

    Moving parts from one case to another should be a good start for you. No matter what happens, you're also going to get that PC in the new case, up and running and everything.

    All you have to remember is that whatever you remove last from the old case is what goes in first in the new one. Does that make sense? Also, do you have your motherboard manual? You're going to need to know where to connect those wires that are in the inside of the case:

    ATX Power
    Suspend LED

    Best of luck and if you need more specific help, you can always come back here.

    Also, questions about cases are best answered in the Cases, Cooling and Overclocking Forum... and that's where this thread of yours is going.
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