Laptop video question
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Thread: Laptop video question

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    Laptop video question

    I just bought my wife a laptop for Christmas.
    It is a Sony with a 900 mhz Duron, 256 mb ram, 15" TFT screen. It has a fire wire port, a built in ehernet connection, A built in modem, two USB ports, Video out, and more.
    Alas it has a Rage Pro video chip with 8mb ram (boo hoo). Well how much do you expect for $1,999 U.S.? My question is this: can I upgrade the video system on this? From looking at the bottom of the case, it seems as though the video card is not integraded on the MOBO. It looks like it is retained by two screws under an acsess panel. What do you think my chances are of getting a Mobility RADEON or a G-FORCE 2GO on it are?
    THis video issue seems to be the only weakness of this other-wise outstanding laptop value and at that it is still great for my wifes buisness needs. (Ijust gots'ta do some Quakin' on it when we travel)!

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    I guess the only way to find out is to go to the Sony Website and see what options they have available for your laptop. You can also try writing them.
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    I have a Sager Notebook. I can upgrade the memory using the bios because it is a shared memory, meaning that it will use part of the RAM from my laptop to use it on the video card. Just like Tool Box said; you will have to check with Sony what alternatives are there for your laptop.


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