I have just moved our office computers to a new premises and we have gained this rather frustrating problem.

In the old office the monitors were fine, no problems. Now, all the monitors flicker continously (to differing extents). The problem IS NOT software related, as they were all working fine before the move. Ive seen the exact flicker before when a speaker gets to close to a monitor. However, this flicker seems to be caused by some larger source, as when i move monitors around the flicker remains.

Most interestingly, the flicker seems to be milder when the refresh rate is higher, and at >85hz the flicker is 'bareable'. Of course, only a few of our systems are capable of 85hz. It seems that the closer to 60hz the refresh rate of the monitor, the worse the flickering is (maybe because the interfernce is electrical).

I have been told that it could be caused by things such as mobile phone transmitters (of which one is nearby, but no closer than in our old office) or railways (we are not near one of those).

I am most interested in somthing that could tell me where the interfencing is localised (a kind of detector device).

Any idea, thoughts or insults welcome.
just dont tell me to download the latest graphics driver


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