Which video card?
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Thread: Which video card?

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    Which video card?

    Hi there i have just upgraded my system to a gigabyte GA-7DXR and 1.4 AMD Athlon. I currently have a Matrox Millenium G400 and was looking to upgrade - but dont know what would be the best card for me.
    I use computer for two things, games and autocad Mechanical desktop.
    I know the games is not a problem but heard that some cards do not run well with the autocad.
    What card would you recommend i get?
    Appreciate your comments,

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    Originally posted by Giles McKeown:
    ...games and autocad Mechanical desktop...
    Those focus on two different areas, not aware of any.
    Anyone know of a card that could perform well in both areas?

    "I know nothing."
    "I know nothing."

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