Can't believe the speed on these GF3's !!
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Thread: Can't believe the speed on these GF3's !!

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    Can't believe the speed on these GF3's !!

    I've been testing the Ti200 card on the 3dmark2000 and 2001 benchmarks for a week now. I keep overclocking and getting better results. But i've actually hit score barriers where the bottleneck was my Athlon instead of the video card!!

    I had to increase my cpu speed just to break a stagnant benchmark score. I just hit another plateau tonight where my scores won't go any further until i get a 'faster' cpu..... damn, thought i'd never see a day where a 1+GHz cpu would ever be a bottleneck.

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    The Gforce 3 scales very well, the faster the cpu the higher the score.

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