So I bought a Geforce3 ti200..........
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Thread: So I bought a Geforce3 ti200..........

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    So I bought a Geforce3 ti200..........

    I just got a Leadtek Winfast Geforce3 ti200 (No Radeon for me )

    To my shock there is a rather big heatsink, but NO FAN ATT ALL! On a Geforce3?!?!?!
    I can't seem to find this card on leadteks pages, just another ti200 that does not look like mine at all! What kind of card do I have?

    I have already overclocked it and it runs stable (so far) at 200/450 --> "real" Geforce3 speed.

    But can it be real, NO FAN?!

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    Put a fan on it with cable ties if to have to fo piece of mind, just a thin 52mm type would do. I heard this about some not having fans but I thought it was just the refrence cards. don't think it's a good idea. Might be ok in the winter but in the summer??

    splitting hairs but default clock for original GF3 is 200/460

    Stealth Cooling Project

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