LCD monitor question
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Thread: LCD monitor question

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    LCD monitor question

    Do you have one? Is it worth the extra $800 of a comparable RGB monitor?

    Also, the best one I've seen is on a Mac. It's about 21-24". ~$2k. Is there a PC version that's much cheaper but 19-21"?

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    I have one and I like it alot!
    Bought mine to take with me when I travel... its light and easy to set up.
    I only paid 400 for mine (15" view samsung)

    Is it worth the money? Depends on what ya want it for. Games? Nope. Buy a nice CRT.
    Nice screen and a space savor? Yes! I think they look great, games play great but not "the best".

    The Mac screen is awsome and no you cant buy a PC version of it.

    Tryin is the First Step Towards Failure.
    ~ Homer Jay Simpson
    Tryin is the First Step Towards Failure.
    ~ Homer Jay Simpson

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