Radeon 7200 question
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Thread: Radeon 7200 question

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    Radeon 7200 question

    This card seems to be pretty new,
    I've just bought one (and I'm cursing now, coz I forgot to check it had drivers for Win 95 - it doesn't, time for a downgrade to 98 or 2000 I guess ). It cost me about the same as a GeForce II MX 400, has 64Mb SD RAM (I don't need no fancy DDR RAM, I'm not a heavy gamer), and I'm guessing (hoping?) 128-bit memory access.

    Anyone seen any benches on this puppy? At a wild stab in the dark I'd say this beastie will perform about the same as a bog standard Radeon SDR, with the bonus of some extra goodies. Not blazingly fast, but faster than the Savage2000 card it is replacing (and hopefully a hell of a lot more stable, grrrr).

    Anyone help me out here? Before I saw it in the shop I didn't even know there was a 7200........ and ATi's website only has a few (not very useful) FAQ's and specs.


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    not so much benchmarks on the particlar card...but the spec sheet shold give you a calculated guess of what that card can do.

    or you can head over to rage3d.com and search for benchmarks which I'm sure they'll have in the forums.

    ...everyone should taste a little bitterness in their lives....
    ...everyone should taste a little bitterness in their lives....

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    i've been looking for benchies on this card too, but the best i can do is a review on a Radeon 32meg SDR, which isn't bad, but has year old drivers. i think they've improved since then, but i would like to make sure.

    what's that website called that has a listing of all video cards reviewed for the past 2 years or something?

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    Just check out the forums at www.rage3d.com

    They should answer all your questions.

    BTW, it is just a 64mb SDR Radeon.

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