Once in a while, while trying to play video, or my screen saver, I get a blue screen that has a bunch of numbers and stuff and says "A Fatal Exception has occurred in VXD VIAGART"

Everytime I run my screen saver it does this, then I press Esc and it goes back to Windows. I cannot run DXDIAG, it says there was a problem accessing the DirectDraw feature, and if I bypass it, then the program works. Otherwise I get the blue screen again. Also, the "Test Direct3D" button causes the blue screen.

I push the "Test DirectDraw" button and when it's done I get this message:

"DirectDraw test results: Failure at step 14 (Blitting offscreen plain to primary surface): HRESULT = 0x88760037 (unknown error)"

I have the latest Detonator drivers from NVIDIA, and Direct X 8.0. I just installed this card today.

Anyone know what's wrong, and how I can fix this? Would a format help?

AOpen HQ45 w/300watts
SL75KAV-X w/snd
AMD T-bird 1GHz @ 1.14GHz (133x8.5)
128MB PC100
GeForce 2 mx400 64MB AGP w/TVOUT
Delta 12x/40x DVD
56x CDROM (for sale)
Windows 98