Will a PS2 or xbox hook up ok to PC monitor.
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Thread: Will a PS2 or xbox hook up ok to PC monitor.

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    Will a PS2 or xbox hook up ok to PC monitor.

    I've got a rather good pc monitor and was wondering what possible methods there are to conecting it to an xbox. Could I hook one up directly or would i have to go through a tv card?

    AMD 1266Mhz 1.7volts
    Abit KT7a
    256mb memory
    Creative Geforce GTS 32mb
    Athlon 1Ghz AXIA Stepping
    Abit KT7a Rev1
    256mb generic
    CL GTS 32ddr
    Vortex 2 (2048)
    GXP60 20Gbytes

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    Can the Xbox hook up to a computer monitor?

    The Xbox video game system is intended for use with television sets. This focus allows gamers to enjoy the superior visual and sound capacity of high-definition and high-resolution television sets.
    got the info HERE
    Win 7
    Asrock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3
    I5 2500k @4ghz
    8Gb DDR3 2133Mhz
    Crucial M4 128Gb SataIII SSd
    Sapphire Radeon 6870
    Samsung 931bf 19" LCD

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    You know, I've seen some damn long descriptions of where people live, and I was just wondering how freakin' long of a location they actually allow you to write in here. Looks like it's quite a bit. Oh well, if the space is here I'll use it!!! :)
    If they can they'd probably look like cow crap. The blur in most TV's offers somewhat of a free AA, which is sorely needed at NTSC resolution.

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    Yes there are third-party devices for every system that plug it to the 15pin VGA connector on your monitor. Or you can get a device that turns composite video into a VGA connector.

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