Geforce 2 GTS weird problem
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Thread: Geforce 2 GTS weird problem

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    Geforce 2 GTS weird problem

    celeron 600 @ 900
    384 mb ram
    latest detonator drivers, v 21.something
    geforce 2 gts 32 mb onboard ram (not overclocked)
    directx 8.0

    here is the problem, which started happening awhile ago and just keeps getting worse, and i dont recall altering ANY clock speeds or settings: i get these weird colorful dots that look like dust in my games and even out of games, halflife especially, they dont make it unplayable but they sure get on your nerves, other than that opengl runs very smoothly. something simlar happpens on my desktop, when i open any windows and close them i get these weird colorful dots sticking to my wallpaper, they will go away if i refresh the desktop. and when im browsing websites, right now i see lots of those dots on pictures and ads, they show up when i scroll them off of the screen and then back on. i took a screenshot of my desktop when this happened so you guys could see it, the url is

    i know it is my video card and not my monitor (which i suspected because it is getting old)because i turned it on and off a few times and the dots were still there.

    a problem with my direct3d too, which is very strange, the severity varies with different games. I got the new ghost recon demo to try out, it runs in direct3d, i ran it and it loaded up, the graphics were so wacked out, it looked sorta like flashing polygonal shaped tin foil. it was unplayable obviously.. then i tried it a few more times and it loaded up , did the same thing and then the game just crashed back to the desktop.. max payne is very similar, polygonal cuts in the walls and stuff like that, extruding surfaces that look like tin foil. its never done this before, i havent played it for awhile so i dont know when it started , did it before and after updated the drivers, i also changed all sorts of desktop settings like color depth and video mode, no luck. please can anyone help with this these od problems...

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    Try turning down your CPU and see if it goes away.

    Dual P3 1ghz
    Abit VP6 Motherboard
    1 gig PC 133
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    PNY Gforce 3
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    52x CDROM
    Soundblaster Live Value
    Linksys 10/100 nic
    300w PS
    19" Monitor
    Win 2000/SP2

    Intel I5 750 @ 2.67 Ghz, 4gb GSkill DDR3 1600, GB P55M-UD2, XFX Radeon 5850. , Seagate Constellation ES 1 TB, Seasonic Gold 620w, Win Vista Ultimate, Toshiba 32" HDTV

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