Please help...I installed a new HD last night and partioned it w/o problems. I then moved some games over to the new drive and repartitioned my old drive. No problems so far. I tried to install a game and its asked me if I want to install Windows media player 7, I think I already had this installled but I said yes. It installed and rebooted the computer, thats when hell broke loose. I get a "configmg" error "windows protection mode" and can only use safe mode? I think my bois is fine sine I get this error when windows is loading. What is going on? my specs:
PIII 800
Asus P3v4X board
256 ram
3dfx voodoo 3000 grahics
Primary drive 6gb Maxtor 5400rpm
Slave (NEW) 30gb Maxtor 7200 rpm.
I'm so frustrated, not to mention my will will kick my butt when she finds out!