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Thread: GF3 drivers

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    GF3 drivers

    I prefer to use the manufacturer-released drivers for my video cards. However, ELSA is still has only the 12.40's for my GF3 gladiac 920 on their website. Are they notorious for not updating drivers?
    I had also heard that there were plenty of problems with nVidia's newest drivers (Det 4s?). Is this true?

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    I'm not having any problems with the 21.83 official's from nVidia's site. They give a good 25% to 30% performance boost. Try them, if they don't work you can always put the Elsa versions back again. You will loose any VIVO specifics when not using the manufactures drivers if your card supports ViVO.

    Also download Riva Tuner Imo the best GF tweaking util atm.

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    well I've only had my GF3 Ti500 for less than a week but its shown no problems at all with the Det 21.83 drivers which Blade sent me on his CD. Can't comment on the speed though, 'cause these are the only drivers I've ever used on it and the GF3 is twice as fast as my old GF2MX without quick drivers!

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