What does T&L actually do with the games?
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Thread: What does T&L actually do with the games?

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    What does T&L actually do with the games?

    I have just gotten a Geforce 2 MX400 at 64 mb, and when I play games that support T&L (transform and lightning) I get very good framerates. New games like Max Payne support it. Also my 3dmark2001 framerates are now much much much better with T&L enabled.
    Now I wonder, WHAT does T&L actually do with the games?
    And can you guys gimme some tips on GOODA$$ games that support T&L ?

    Thanks alot!

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    good point. i'd like some answers on this too, please, cos I'm tied between a GeForce 3 and an ATI Radeon.

    aaaaaaaargh! only a 350? what are you thinking of???
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    Several things,

    First, it takes the load of processing the Transformation effects and lighting effects away from the CPU and does it right on the card. This accounts for your higher frame rates.

    I think it has a couple more spiffy features like you can see where light is directed on a wall.

    These are the basic ideas of T&L anyway.

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