GeForce 2 problems...
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Thread: GeForce 2 problems...

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    GeForce 2 problems...


    I have recently upgraded my computer, and i have a Creative GeForce 2 Pro.
    The problem is, is that i am experiencing very low framerates in all games, much lower than i should be getting.
    My old system was running games faster before the upgrades.

    I have tried the latest drivers from Creative, and the latest detonator ones.
    With the detonators i get a performance incrase, but i am sure it is not running as well as it should.

    I am also experiencing Blue Screens on start up (claiming an error in VxD, or the like).
    This error will also appear and lockup my system during the game "Max payne" as well.
    Would this be due to the graphics card?

    Would anyone recommend some drivers, or a way to help fix this problem?

    I will list my hardware here:

    AMD Athlon 1.2Ghz
    256 PC-133 DIMM RAM
    Creative GeForce 2 Pro
    Videologic SonicFury
    40x CD Drive
    CD-RW drive (forgot exact spec, sorry)
    MicroSoft Intellimouse Explorer
    MicroSoft Internet Keyboard

    I hope someone can help with this, and thank you.

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    Just a thought, way dont you just uninstall the det, and your drivers you have loaded, and reinstall the drivers you have on the cd, with the card, and see how that goes, sorry thats all i can think of.

    Duron 700@700
    Asus A7pro
    32 Herc Prophet MX
    256 PC 133 Cas 3
    45 gig IBM Deskstar 7200
    17"old osborne monitor
    50x AOpen cdrom
    Turtle speed 56k modem
    elcheapo subwoofer

    Just because you can't see it, that dosn't mean that, it dosn't exist.
    Athlon 1.2ghz
    Asus A7V 133
    512mgs 133
    40g IBM GXP
    Leadtek 64mg GF2Pro
    50x AOpen cdrom

    Just because you can't see it, that dosn't mean that, it dosn't exist.

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    Thanks for the reply, but unfortuantly i've already tried this.

    Well, i started off with the standard drivers, and then installed the nwer ones to see if any helped...

    I think i'm going to format tommorrow, and reinstall everything again, to see if it makes any difference.

    Hopefully someone else has some ideas/recommendations.

    Thank you.

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    Head over to it contains loads of info on Geforce cards, it really helped me when I got my Creative Annihilator card. Check all your BIOS settings (read em in the FAQ). There are also links to programs to tweak your card.

    Good luck

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    What type of motherboard do you have? Maybe you need to install the via 4n1's

    Duron 900@1100 (100X11)
    256mb PC133 RAM
    Geforce 2 MX 186/200
    40Gb Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 7200rpm 2mb cache

    Don't Tread On Me
    CPU: Athlon X2 7850 Blackbox edition o/c'd to 3400mhz
    Motherboard: Asus M2N68-AM SE2
    Memory: 4gb Kingston KVR RAM
    Video: BFG Geforce gtx 260 oc v2
    Hard Drives: 1TB Barracuda 7200.12, 500GB WD, 320GB WD, 320GB WD 250GB WD, 250GB Seagate
    Case: APEVIA X-CRUISER-BK Black Steel case
    Power Supply: OCZ 700W StealthXStream Power Supply
    Optical: 22x LG DVD R/W

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    I have the latest 4in1's and it still crashes.

    I've been having more lockup problems on my system now, i thought i would get rid of them when i upgraded

    I've just formatted and reinstalled everything again, but the problems are still here. This is very annoying.

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