det4 probs (yep- already)
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Thread: det4 probs (yep- already)

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    det4 probs (yep- already)

    Hi all, installed the det 4's about 20 mins ago, and rebooted, 3 seconds later it froze, rebooted, got a BSOD, uninstalled in safe mode, reinstalled them, got into windows but then froze again after a few seconds, put the 12.41's back in, all back to normal, anyone else had this prob?

    1 gig axia - clocked back to normal after 1st crash-just incase htis was the prob
    256 corsair pc 150
    blaster live
    tekram scsi card
    realtek lan card

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    sheesh. been a long time since I have posted in here =).

    I had the same problem. It only occurred while I was at the desktop though. In game (OFP, DOD, CS) it was perfectly fine , and faster.

    I am Running Duron 700, GF2MX on WinXP

    I am putting on Dx8.1 (from 8.0a) to see if that fixes it. I hope it does at the speed increase was very noticeable in OFP.

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    I would stick with det 12.90's and Dx 8a as they gave me the best performance.

    Ironic, the drivers that nVidia leak as beta's are ALWAYS better than their *cough* *cough* official *cough Beta* drivers.

    Duron 750@866 (133X6.5)
    Abit KT7-A
    Leadtek GF2 Pro 235/470
    384 Meg PC-133 Cas 3
    Quantum 6.4g HDD :*(
    16X Pioneer Slot DVD
    8X4 Panasonic CD-R
    Tbird 1400 @ 1518
    Abit KT7-A
    Leadtek GF2 Pro 230/460
    512 Meg PC-133 Cas 3 @137
    Seagate Barratcuda IV ATA 100 40Gb
    16X Pioneer Slot DVD
    8X4 Panasonic CD-R

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