19 hitachi monitor?
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Thread: 19 hitachi monitor?

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    19 hitachi monitor?

    i was thinkin of getting 1 of the 19' hitachi monitors,
    either the cm 772 or cm 721

    anyone have and experience with them
    problems or praises?

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    In my humble opinion, the Hitachi monitors are some of the best out there. I my self have a 21" Hitachi and a 19" model as well and they are some of the clearest and sharpest monitors I have seen.

    Their 19" models are excelent. They use the same base hardware and components as the 21" models, not the 17" ones like a lot of other companies do. This just adds to the quality of the Hitachi monitor. Plus, Shadow Masks are the way to go IMHO. I can't stand the Apature Grill wires. Hitachi makes the best Invar ShadowMask Tube around.

    I think you have made an excelent choice and will be very happy with your choice.

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    I use the Hitachi 17" moniters for computers I build. I am extremely impressed with their quality to price ratio. All of my customers have had nothing but good to say about them.
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