Need help on deciding which to buy.
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Thread: Need help on deciding which to buy.

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    Need help on deciding which to buy.

    I have:

    AMD k6-2 450
    128 megs
    Voodoo3 3000
    fic VA-503+ mobo

    Im deciding in either buing a new mobo and cpu (800 or 900mhz duron) or a new video card Geforce2 MMXQPT^%$& or whatever models they are.

    I really want a new video card because this voodoo3 3k is a piece of S**t. (PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS CARD PPL). An 8 meg nvidia card can kick the crap out of this card.

    I also heard that a faster processor can make the card go faster and take advantage of newer video card.

    Should i go ahead and buy a new cpu and mobo and wait and get a new vid card later. or buy a geforce2 ultra mmx/ddr rvd card.

    Im looking in spending about $120 and how much is a good nvidia card.

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    I would recommend an upgrade for your mb and cpu. You will see the most performance gain. You are currently not using enough cpu power to witness your video card's full potential. The speed shouldn't be that much different than a Geforce2 MX. Than sell your old mb/cpu and video card and use the money to buy a new video card.

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    What I can say about that is that you should definitely get the cpu/mobo upgrade. The V3 isn't that bad a video card. What's really limiting your PC is the K6-2 processor. - really really weak FPU. I believe that when you get the new cpu/mobo and use that same video card, performance would be way better. Had this same problem with my Savage4 (16MB). I first used it with my K6-2+ 533. It wouldn't even play WMP visualizations smoothly. Then I used it with my Celeron 500. It ran really really well!!! Even in the benchmarks I ran, using it with the Celeron scored double as compared to when using it with the K6-2.
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    a while ago i had a k6-2 350 and a voodoo3 2000, so i upgraded my mobo and cpu to a p3 600 and my q3 frame rate went up about 30 fps in 800x600 with all of the extras turned on and i would get a constant 72fps in counter strike in 800x600. i can also get a playable 1024x960 in q3
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    Thanks for the advice. My friend with the 8 meg nvidia card has a 750 mhz proc and thats what I thought made the difference in thw card.

    I also tried 3d mark2000 today in my friends comp and he got almost the same score as I did (about 1000) and he had a 16 meg tnt2 card with a 400mhz k6-2 processor, so i guess he has the same problem as I do and is not the video cards problem.

    Well ill be getting a new mobo/cpu by the end of this week or early next week and im hoping for a better performance.

    Thanks alot

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    Another vote for the CPU/Mobo upgrade. The difference throughout your whole computer will be amazing.
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