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Thread: GeForce2

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    I couldn't install GeForce II MX 200 on my computer.. That card is OK on 16colour & lowest resolution.. Trying more, computer doesn't work. There is AGP slot v1.0. Should it be in BIOS? Because in BIOS I couldn't set 1x, 2x or 4x AGP.. I have this motherboard :

    or Win98SE is problem??

    Maybe it's better buy a new MB

    Thanx a lot for your advice

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    Sounds to me like you just haven't installed the drivers. Right click on your desktop and go to properties. Then go to the settings tab and click on advanced. Then there should be and adapter tab. Go to change and then click on have disk. Use the disk that came with your card and it should be pretty self explainatory from there...

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    Unfortunately, it is not working.. I don't know why.. Max is 16col &640x(I don't know - lowest) resolution. If I change it, computer freezy.. Just black screen without pointer.. So I really don't know..


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    yaa i'm pretty sure you didn't install ither the vid card drivers or the monitor drivers right. load up windows in 16 colors in 640x480 then right-click onto my computer goto properties then click the device monitor and then click on the display adapter tab. if it says something like default or somehting like that you gotta install your video card drivers. to do that double click on the name of the driver that is listed under the display adapter then click on drivers then update driver, then click on next then display a list of drivers, and then click have disc and then select the drivers off of the video card driver cd and then it should install fine, if that is too complicated just put the cd in and auto-play should start up and ask you to install the drivers. if you just added this vid card you could try to format windows and do a clean install
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    Hey extract your drivers to a directory. Then from system properties (rightclick on my computer, select properties, then click on device manager tab) select your display adapter then click properties and update driver. Select have disk. Then point to the directory that your drivers are in. This should help.

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