3dmark 2000 good score?
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Thread: 3dmark 2000 good score?

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    3dmark 2000 good score?

    hey i get a score of around 1575 no matter what i set the settings too. i am running it in 800x600 cuz my monitor sucks and cant do anymore.
    my system is:
    duron 800
    asus A7V
    256mb pc133
    voodoo5 5500 agp
    i ran the test a couple of times with different settings but my score stays around the same. also can anyone help me configure 3dfx tools to get the best performence available.
    opps thats 3dmark 2001 btw

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    duron [email protected] - asus a7v - 640mb pc133 - radeon 8500le 128mb - sb live - 16x dvd-rom - 48x24x48 burner

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    I have about the same. With almost same system.

    P3 800 133mhz
    Asus CUSL2-C 256mb 133
    15.3 Maxtor 7200 ATA100
    DVD 5X Samsung
    Cd-Rw 12x8x32
    Voodoo5 Agp
    Sb live Value
    Asus P5Q
    Intel core 2 Duo 3ghz 1333 fsb 6mb L2 cache
    OCZ Gold XTC 4GB DDR2-1066
    Asus ati3870 512mb pci express 16
    80Gig Hd Sata
    Vista Home premium

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    There are heaps of issues with 3DMark

    yes one would think that running at 640x480 fill rates would be WAY better than 1024x768 but alas - thats why its a dodgy benchmark program

    Its only eye candy for the latest gear - thats what it was made for

    I also don't think the engine is fabulous anyway

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    I have 1920 with V5 you can find my score using my nickname or by graphic chipset @ madonion.

    I do agree that 3DMK 2001 is not good benchmark, only for GF3

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