DOS or not?
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Thread: DOS or not?

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    DOS or not?


    I just purchased a Hercules Prophet 4500 with Kyro II.
    It works just fine in windows, but I have those nostalgic moods, which make want to play some old games.
    Preferably I play these games in native DOS. But the card displays nothing. The system crashes every time I start a game (since I hear no sound either I assume it crashed).
    My Asus v3800 TNT2 did have any problems with those games.
    Does anybody have a clue to what might be the trouble?

    My system:

    AMD Duron 650
    Abit KT7
    512 MB PC133 (2x 256 MB)
    Hercules Prophet 4500 Kyro II
    Soundblaster Live! 1024
    Realmagic Hollywood+ DVD MPEG II card
    100 Mbit Fast-Ethernet adapter

    Thanks in advance!

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    Boy, you must've been happy with all those replies at your first post.
    Anyway, I haven't got a solution but I think you solved a problem for me. No Kyro2 for me.

    Then again, I might be wrong ....
    Then again, I might be wrong ....

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