I just recieved my ASUS V8200 GF3 today and loaded the ASUS 12.10 drivers. My monitor is stuck at 60hz refreash rate. The computer thinks it's running at 100hz but it is in fact only at 60hz. I had the same trouble with 12.xx drivers and my GTS so I always just loaded the 6.49's that I never had a lick of trouble with. I've tried the beta ASUS 14.10 and get the same problem. I have a NEC MultiSync 95 19" monitor that is about 3 months old. I am using the NEC MultiSync 90 drivers for it as there doesn't seem to be any specific drivers for the 95 model on NEC site.

Is anyone else having this trouble? I've been using Power Strip to set the refresh rate at 100hz, but it's really anoying and it screws up all the time when you load a game thats running at a different screen resolution than your desk top is set at and then your back to 60hz again.

I'd like to continue using the ASUS drivers as I have yet to even try the 3D Glasses.

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