I am planning on producing half hour videos using Adobe After Effects 4.0

Currently I have a Duron 750mhz. 286 RAM and a ATI Radeon 32MB video card with S-Video out.

Now here's my question or questions.

1) For rendering these half hour videos with Adobe Effects wich components will I have to upgrade to make rendering go a lot faster. Currently it takes me more than 12 hours.

2)Wich video cards are good for video editing work with video in and out for less than $300. I already know about the ATI ALL in WONDER. Just want to know if there's anything else that's better or equivelent.

3) Video compression? Which one? I don't mind it being too blocky but I want the colors to be there. Currently I found that
selecting the Cinepak Codec by Radius works the the fastest and isn't to pixulated except for the colors, It looks blochy.
Any other copressions that will work beter?

That's it for now, please help me out people.