Two 15s or One 19
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Thread: Two 15s or One 19

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    Two 15s or One 19

    I want to do web design (and play games) and can't decide whether to upgrade my existing 15inch Trinitron (which I really like - nice monitor) to a 19inch monitor or go for another 15.

    Upgrade to 19inch - roughly 250 for a nice, flat monitor
    Upgrade to another 15inch, 150 for the monitor, 50 for a crappy vid card (the second monitor won't be used for the games)

    What do you think


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    No doubt about it, the second monitor will add to your productiveness but the 19" Flat Monitor is going to blow you away. Those are really nice and there is nothing in the world that can replace looking at a really big screen.

    Many people, including myself, who have used a big monitor can never go back to the smaller ones. The size just makes such a big difference that it can't be compared.

    Get the 19 incher.
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    I agree, I worked with two 15"ers for a bit before I decided to go for the 19". Now I'm waiting to get a bigger desk and more money to get another 19"! Depending on what resolution you are comfortable using you can get 4 800x600 windows on one 1600x1200 display. On a 15" you probably use 1024x768, so do you want for the kind of work you're doing do you want 4 smaller windows or two slightly larger ones? The other benefit of a 19" is when you really do just need more space for one window, it's there in spades. it is also more comfortable to look at and will take up less desk space, although will be deeper no doubt. Not by as much as you'd think though, from a cunning design my Iiyama when placed in a corner gives me only about 1" less space in front ot it than my old CTX 15".

    That size again: 19"
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