Well, here's a wierd one...and as I've gotten good help here in the past, hopefuly someone can help once again..

Can't explain why, but for some reason during any 3D game, my mouse will suddenly start acting up on me. (can't explain what causes it since its completely random, some times it'll be immediate, others I go for hours when it'll suddenly start.) Its hard to explain exactly what it does though.
It'll suddenly careen to the sides of the screen, and try as I might to move it...it stays along the edge. It will move VERY rapidly, sporaticly (least it looks it, but its probably just the speed its moving at), left-clicking constant as it moves...but it stay to the edge. If I move the mouse 'very' slowly, it will inch its way diagonally up the screen at times, but will jump to the sides if I try moving it any faster....thats pretty much the closest I can come to control. It will stay like this until I reboot the computer, just quitting the game won't cut it because it stays like this in windows.

Now...its not 'just' the mouse doing it, or anything else in the computer, its somehow related to the video card as it started right after I got it. It also only does it when I'm playing a 3D game, never does it otherwise.

I'm using a GeForce2 MX, 32 megs of memory.
AMD k6-2 500mzh, 62 megs of ram.
Just a basic, Microsoft serial mouse.
Everything is running with the latest drivers I could get my hands on.
Can give other system specs if they're needed.