I have a minor problem: My mouse cursor animation isn't as smooth as most of the other machines I've used. Also, I've noticed that on these machines the little spinning logo in the corner of IE or Netscape animates faster than on my machine. I have an Athlon 750 (slot a - not thunderbird) with 128 megs of ram, a 15 gb 5400 rpm hard drive, a 2x agp slot with a 8 mb nvidia e-vanta lite, and windows 98. One other such machine which seems to just animate everything better is a celeron 500 with 64 megs of ram and a video card which utilizes system ram for vram and running Windows 2000.

Like I said, this is a minor problem, and I'm satisfied with everything else on my machine except this one little aesthetic quality. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks a lot!