Opinions on ATI All in Wonder Radeon PCI video Card?
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Thread: Opinions on ATI All in Wonder Radeon PCI video Card?

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    Opinions on ATI All in Wonder Radeon PCI video Card?

    I was just wonder what everyone’s opinion on ATI’s All in wonder Radeon PCI card or AGP for that matter. I have to use the PCI card, but to me makes not too much of a difference because I will not be using it for a gaming card.
    The reason for me wanting some opinions on this piece of hardware is because I will be starting school in the fall and am taking up Multimedia and Web Design. For the multimedia aspect I would like to have a video card that is able to capture video and also be able to export video and possibly be able to record TV shows. The closes thing to this to me was the All in wonder Radeon card. I was wondering if this card is worth the 199.99 that is asked for retail on it. Are the Features good? Is it a stable card? Please give me your opinions.

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    forgot to say that I am running windows 2000. Not that should make a big difference. Thakns again.


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    I'll also begin my Multimedia course in around 20 days At my first session however, I only begin with text/image works.

    The AIW would surely do a good job, but I suggest a Matrox Marvel G400 TV for video editing. It has also a TV tuner and dualhead possible on the TV monitor (importing/exporting video is a breeze). I've been using it for one year with Adobe Premiere 5/6 and Ulead MediaStudio Pro 5 and both worked flawlessly with the G400, and gave darn good results. However, I don't know how the AIW would stack up in the capture/editing department, but it's still a nice multimedia card.

    Just my 2 cents...

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